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The Trout Gallery is the art museum of Dickinson College. It seeks to inspire creativity and to support the study and experience of the visual arts through direct contact with works in the Gallery’s collections and exhibitions. It serves the students, faculty and staff, and alumni of Dickinson College; the residents of the Carlisle-Central Pennsylvania area and their visitors; and the broader academic and artistic communities. It meets its objective through its collections, exhibitions, programs, publications, and professional resources.

The Trout Gallery acquires works of artistic and historic significance through gift and purchase. The collection is global in scope, with considerable holdings in works-on-paper. The collection serves as the Gallery’s fundamental cultural resource and basis for inquiry and study. The Gallery hosts exhibitions of scholarly importance drawn from its collections and those of other institutions and lenders. The exhibitions coordinate and complement the museum’s collections holdings. The Gallery’s education program provides academic support to students and faculty of Dickinson College and outreach services to Carlisle-area schools through a range of programming that advances learning in the visual arts and promotes community engagement. The Gallery produces original, academically rigorous publications that document and interpret the museum’s collections, exhibitions, and symposia, provide research opportunities for Dickinson students, promote the museum internationally, and engage the museum and the college with a global community of scholars.